ISO 24665 standard covers safety of playground equipment

ISO 24665 is a framework of competence of playground and recreational sports area inspectors. It bases on European framework TR 17207.

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ISO 24665 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app

The technical specification addresses the listed things.

ISO 24665 Framework of inspector competence

ISO 24665 standard

(As ISO 24665 is yet to publish, this picture is from TR 17207, which is its base document.)

Definitions are given for the following technical terms: Inspection, inspector, competence, competent person, competent body, routine visual inspection, operational inspection, annual main inspection, post-installation inspection, post-accident inspection, inspection report, playground environment, playground equipment, adventure playground, knowledge, risk assessment, safety, risk, harm, activity area, child development, operator, owner, entrapment, user information, signal colours, serious injury.

Requirements are given for the following: Routine visual inspection, operational inspection, annual Inspection, post installation inspection, post-incident/accident inspection, mid-installation surveillance, pre-installation consultation, inspection report, inspection outcome, quality of inspection report, inspector competence, levels of inspector competence, knowledge levels of standards / technical reports, knowledge levels of risk analysis / risk benefit analysis, knowledge levels of technical production, knowledge levels of child development, knowledge levels of environmental issues, knowledge levels of national laws / jurisdiction / responsibilities, cooperation with other parties, code of conduct and ethics, levels of maintenance and repair, introduction to children’s play and development, risk assessment, use of probes and their test methods to identify hazards.

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ISO 24665 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app